New entrant five-year olds are encouraged to visit school before enrolment to ensure a smooth transition to school. Contact the main office to organize preschool visits. Visits are usually arranged for 9.00am – 11.00am Tuesday or Thursday. There are usually one to four visits prior to a child starting school, and an adult must stay with the child. Both are welcome to stay for interval and the child may wear school uniform.

Enrolling your child

All children must be enrolled at a registered school by the time they turn six. Any child is entitled to be enrolled unless they have been indefinitely suspended from another school. In this case, the Board of Trustees will meet and consider the individual case, and either accept or decline the enrolment. If a parent wishes to enrol a child with special needs, the school may need to obtain appropriate resources from the Ministry of Education to accommodate the child.

Parents are welcome to arrange an appointment to meet the Principal. Parents complete an enrolment form to provide the school with information for its database. The school completes the enrolment process. The forms, and information booklets for new parents, are available from the main office. When the student is enrolled, their relevant details are recorded into the Ministry of Education database.